New Wing Chun School!

Located in Irvine, close to Lake Forest & Foothill Ranch, our new Wing Chun school address is 8 Hammond #113, Irvine, CA 92618

Here's a look at our recent Grand Opening!

World-Class Wing Chun Kung Fu in Irvine, CA
The Dragon Institute is more than a martial arts school. We specialize in Wing Chun - a martial art known for its devastatingly effective close-quarters hand-to-hand combat. We are dedicated to the highest quality martial arts training available and are grateful to be able to offer authentic Wing Chun in Irvine.

Our exciting new Irvine location offers Wing Chun classes for adults and kids kung fu classes for ages 5 and up!

Irvine Martial Arts
We pride ourselves on offering practical kung fu to the Irvine community. Our style of Kung Fu is known for its dominating close-quarters self-defense fighting. We've dedicated our lives to Wing Chun and are excited to share the powerful art with you and the Irvine community.

Authentic Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu
Our Wing Chun classes bring Ip Man's authentic Kung Fu to Irvine. Our new Orange County school is an official representative of the Leung Sheung lineage - Ip Man's senior-most student!. Led by Orange County Wing Chun authority, Sifu Adam Williss, you can be certain of the credibility of our methods.