Martial Arts Irvine

Martial Arts Irvine
The Dragon Institute Martial Arts in Irvine, CA
Our martial arts school is glad to announce that The Dragon Institute has expanded into the Irvine area.

Currently, our Irvine location offers adult Wing Chun classes. However, we are excited to announce that our waiting list is growing for our upcoming kids classes.

Best Martial Arts!
The Dragon Institute was voted the 2010, 2012 and 2013 Best Martial Arts  - Orange County, CA. Chosen by the voters of the OC Hotlist, we are happy to be able to share our award-winning methods of martial arts in Irvine and the surrounding Orange County cities.

Irvine Martial Arts
Bringing our unique methods of martial arts to the Irvine community is a great opportunity to help more people through The Dragon Institute's Wing Chun system. Although our martial art is known for its close-quarters self-defense fighting, it encompasses way more than just punching and kicking. As we take hold into to the Irvine community, more and more people can share in the integrated benefits of our martial arts approach.