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Kung Fu Kids

Why Nothing Compares to our Kids Kung Fu Classes in Irvine.

Our Purpose
Make no mistake, it is our purpose to empower your kids with the Confidence, Character and Self-Esteem they need in order to succeed. Specializing in the unique form of Kung Fu called Wing Chun, our martial arts classes for kids are fun, inspiring and empowering!

Our Kids Kung Fu classes teach children authentic Wing Chun with patience and encouragement. We offer evening kung fu classes for kids as young as 5 at our Irvine martial arts school.

Kids Wing Chun: Practical Self-Defense & Fun

Why Wing Chun for Kids? 
Unlike other martial arts, kids at The Dragon Institute don't learn a sport for competition or  tournament. Wing Chun teaches kids specifically for practical self-defense application. The Chinese close-quarters fighting art of Wing Chun is known for its effectiveness in real world self-defense, not impractical moves, high kicks, rolling around on the ground or unrealistic acrobatics. Wing Chun is employed by the Chinese Army as well as hundreds of military, self-defense experts & law enforcement agencies around the world including the US Navy Seals, FBI, CIA, French RAID and German SEK. Through our Kids Wing Chun classes, kids learn the science of self-defense, not a rule based sport. Sure they're kids, but we believe they need to learn real self-defense as soon as possible. The sooner they build functional muscle memory the more effective they will become.

A Philosophy of Success
Wing Chun is unlike other martial arts. It is more a life-philosophy of success than simply a martial art. Wing Chun's philosophy is simple, direct and practical. And that's why it is so effective. It doesn't spend time chasing fancy things. It teaches kids to focus on priorities and how to become efficient in all areas of their life.

And Fun! 
Plus they have a lot of fun! Learning must be fun in order for kids to appreciate it. Although exceptions are made, we've found that age 5 or older is the ideal time to start.

See our schedule of martial arts classes for information on days and times.