Values | The Dragon Institute - Orange County Wing Chun

"One of the main aims and objectives of The Dragon Institute has been, and is, to develop and train people who can recognize what greatness means. Those unique individuals who believe in ethics, integrity and character. Those individuals who believe in holding themselves to higher standards and demand more of themselves than the average person. These are the people who refuse to go through life settling for mediocrity. This is what The Dragon Institute embodies!" 
-Sifu Adam Williss

The Dragon Institute is not just another martial arts school! Its values transcend beyond physical training or self-defense. It is a institution of higher learning dedicated to excellence in everything it does. Nothing compares to The Dragon Institute because no other martial arts school encompasses the entire mind, body and spirit of excellence.

About The Dragon Institute
Founded in 2010 in Dana Point, CA, The Dragon Institute - Orange County Wing Chun is an award-winning martial arts school dedicated to the highest levels of self-defense. Led by Sifu Derrick Mansell, The Dragon Institute's Irvine school brings the genius of Wing Chun to its students young and old with enthusiasm, patience and encouragement. With a student population of over 150 consisting of adults and kids, The Dragon Institute fosters Perseverance, Integrity & Education. It holds its students, young and old, accountable for this higher standard of living.

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