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LEUNG SHEUNG 梁相 (1918-1978)

Leung Sheung was the senior Wing Chun student of Yip Man. Humble to the core, he chose to let his ability speak for itself. Yet modesty permeated his approach always praising his sifu's abilities over his own.

Leung Sheung


Whether you are a Wing Chun beginner looking to learn Kung Fu, a student looking how to improve their Wing Chun structure or how to take their wooden dummy training to new levels, or an instructor or sifu who wants more education and tutorials, our WING CHUN EDUCATIONAL SERIES has something of value for you!

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Wing Chun Relaxation WING CHUN IMAGES & QUOTES

We've made put together some outstanding Wing Chun quotes and images to share. However, long you've been practicing Wing Chun, sharing quotes and memes are a lot of fun!

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Irvine Martial Arts Website LaunchedIRVINE MARTIAL ARTS WEBSITE LAUNCH

(News Release) - Targeting Orange County residents in Irvine area communities to help them understand Wing Chun’s self-defense effectiveness compared to mainstream martial arts. Those considering Wing Chun in Orange County will have a resource for the features and benefits of Wing Chun as well as exclusive information on the school’s programs and classes. (pdf version)

Irvine Martial Arts Website Launched

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