Sifu Derrick Mansell

Derrick Mansell

Sifu Derrick Mansell is the head instructor of our Irvine location of The Dragon Institute.

He has been practicing and teaching Wing Chun for the last 11 years. Sifu Derrick's ability to apply Wing Chun is undeniable and his character is just as unquestionable. He is patient, calm and humble yet truly a lethal weapon.

What's more, his talent working with kids is nothing short of astounding! His patience makes students feel calm when training and his geniune desire to help is evident. His ability to display high quality Wing Chun is something all of our students look up to, young and old. Sifu Derrick Mansell embodies the spirit of The Dragon Institute with everything he does.

"I am very lucky to have an individual of Derrick's caliber as my student. Students young and old would be hard pressed to find a better teacher, mentor and coach. Through his words and actions, he displays The Dragon Institute's core values of Perseverance, Integrity and Education. He leads by example and makes everyone around him better. But don't mistake his kindness with weakness. He is a highly qualified practitioner under me with the proficiency and ability to physically apply everything he teaches."   
~Sifu Adam Williss