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Self-Defense - Orange County, CA

Practical Martial Arts for Adults: Orange County Self-Defense Classes 

Everything we do is about helping you become a human weapon.

That's right. 100% of it!

Not a champion competition belt holder, form/dance expert or a time waster.

The simple truth too often overlooked is that most mainstream martial arts don't work in self-defense. Because that's not what they are for!

That's why we specialize in adults martial arts for self-defense in Irvine... Orange County self-defense that actually works in the real world!

Gary Kral
Blackbelt, TKD & BJJ

The fact is this...

If you are learning or have learned a sports-based martial art you do not know self-defense.

We know because many of our adult martial arts students are black belts in many of these sports-based martial arts.

Having experienced other martial arts for adults, they've chosen Wing Chun and our adults martial arts program because they wanted a martial art that actually worked for self-defense in Orange County

For some, it took a little time to convince.

After all, there's a lot of propaganda and lies put out by sports-based martial arts.

All too often, people get deceived into believing a sport is best for self-defense.

These false claims not only end up wasting people's time and money, they're downright dangerous for those in need of real self-defense.

Black belts and instructors from these other martial arts are not qualified to teach adult self-defense.

Yet they still teach it. And still make fake claims.

Don't get caught believing this propaganda. Sports-based martial arts are not self-defense. They are specifically for sports competition.

What's more?

Most of today's most popular martial arts for adults are sports-based.

Because of the UFC, sports-based martial arts became very popular.

But why are today's most popular adult martial arts classes so poor for self-defense?

Reason #1 Self-defense martial arts do not kick high.

As a two legged animal dependent upon stability and mobility, kicking high makes no sense. In self-defense, you must keep your feet as close to the ground as possible. Short, low kicks are much more effective for self-defense.

Reason #2 Self-defense martial arts do not roll around on the ground.

The ground is the last place you want to be in a self-defense situation. Going to the ground leaves you vulnerable to many things a rules-based sporting environment shelters you from including soft target gauging, biting, a second attacker, weapons and more. Instead, self-defense experts focus on keeping your feet on the ground, remaining mobile and controlling distance. If you fall to the ground, get the hell up!

Reason #3 Self-defense martial arts do not bounce around in a ring looking to open up an opponent.

Bouncing around trying to get an opponent to open themselves up is purely competition-based. A self-defense situation is quick, unexpected and is never agreed upon. Instead, self-defense experts stand firm on the ground and time their counter attacks. They swarm their attacker and put them immediately on the defensive. There is a tremendous strategic and tactical difference between realistic self-defense and sports-based martial arts competitions.

Reason #4 Self-defense martial arts do not look to "knock out" their opponents.

Contrary to popular belief, trying to knock out someone by punching in the head is not the best or most efficient way to stop them. Knocking out someone bigger or stronger than you is very difficult. In self-defense, targeting to soft, vulnerable areas of the body such as the eyes, throat or groin is entirely more efficient.

Reason #5 Self-defense martial arts do not "cover up" as part of their defense.

Covering up is too passive for a realistic self-defense situation. It takes you out of an offensive-based mindset. According to our research, covering up increases your chances of getting hit by 250% when compared to an attack-based defense. Instead, defenses should be assertive in nature with an offensive-based mindset.

Reason #6 Self-Defense martial arts have no rules.

There are no rules in a fight. Rules, pads and big boxing gloves favor the bigger, stronger opponent. A smaller person needs the ability to attack soft-targets (the eyes, throat or groin) in a realistic self-defense scenario. Being able to attack these targets becomes the equalizer for them. Rules take away this equalizer.

NOTE: The Unified Rules of MMA include no groin attacks, no head butts, no eye gouging, no biting, no hair pulling, no strikes or grabbing of the throat (and a whole lot more no's). 

Orange County Self-Defense: Wing Chun Martial Arts for Adults

Wing Chun is not a sport.

It was created for one thing... adult self-defense. And based on our experience, it does a tremendous job at it!

It is not fancy because it's not supposed look flashy. It is supposed to actually work!

Wing Chun is direct, to the point and makes no apologies for its lack of frills or fanciness.The entire art of Wing Chun is all about efficiency.

Sometimes referred to as "Practical Kung Fu" or "Scientific Self-Defense," nothing is off limits in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

It uses the hands, feet, shins, forearms, shoulders, head, knees, elbows and hips in a devastating self-defense system of trapping, forward pressure and fluidity to simultaneously attack and defend.

Through our Orange County Self-Defense / Irvine martial arts classes, you will feel yourself begin to walk tall with increased calmness and focus, plus become more aware of your surroundings for real-world self-defense while improving your overall health. Instructor motivation and mental engagement will keep you enjoying it.

Make no mistake, you will become a human weapon!

You will learn the most efficient self-defense tactics utilizing every part of your body for a complete and total mind / body / soul transformation.

Self-Defense practitioners, real-world martial artists and close-quarters hand-to-hand combat experts agree, nothing compares to The Dragon Institute.