Seniors Martial Arts

Seniors Martial Arts

Why Wing Chun is Great for Seniors (Wing Chun Martial Arts for Seniors: Not like other Martial Arts. 

You don't get hurt practicing Wing Chun. 
Wing Chun is an internal Chinese martial art centered around efficiency. Leverage and position is used instead of brute force. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, Wing Chun heals the body instead of breaking it down.

There are no high kicks
Wing Chun isn't showy. It is efficient, to the point, balanced and stable. 

Wing Chun is about learning to become sensitive to pressure, not fight force with force.

Wing Chun is an art of efficiency. 

Wing Chun is about posture, not speed or power. 

Low impact training. We learn to be like water.

Its concepts are similar to Tai Chi, yet more practical to apply sooner.

A highly intelligent art, maturity and a lack of ego is a must for learning.

Brute force should not be used in Wing Chun. Instead simple leverage.